I just started a new book last night, Salt Sugar Fat.” While it sounds like the Paula Deen cookbook- it is not. The main idea seems to be the lengths that “Big Food” goes to engineer food to keep the consumers hooked. There is even reference to a mathematical equation for reaching a consumer’s “bliss point” in food! Scary stuff!

Hey, I love food, but I don’t like hearing about legions of scientists working around the clock to make sure I “can’t eat just one.” Really? Can’t that time & money be better spent on –oh, let’s see, cancer? AIDS? World hunger?

Remember when “slow food” was something that you didn’t leave a tip for in a restaurant? Now though, slow food is gathering momentum as “the next big thing” in the indie food world. Cooking dinner is earning some much deserved respect! Oh, I hate cooked green beans, but my mom used to chop up bacon in them to the joy of my other family members. What I used to wash down with a big gulp of milk would now earn high foodie praise.

Here’s another example: who do you know that makes bread? As one who does not, don’t we stare at these talented creatures with a little awe and fear? I’ll challenge any of you bread makers to a rousing battle of Words with Friends!! I’ll see your useful pioneer skill and raise you a four letter word… Yeah.

So part of my point is sugar. Jam, jelly, preserves, marmalades, gels & spreads are made with sugar–usually a high % of it (more on that is another post). Maybe Big Food doesn’t lose sleep over whether they are part of the problem or solution to the food/health issues in America, but as a food producer, it does cross my mind.